Using Swarm Intelligence in eCommerce

Some years ago, for a successful website management, we had to support its database of information continually. It needed much time. And the costs that we had to pay to a webmaster were too high.

And we could feel this issue more, about eCommerce and news websites, that their databases needed to update day to day and even many times in a day.

So, what was the solution of this problem? The answer, Swarm Intelligence.

What is Swarm Intelligence and what does it do?

Swarm Intelligence is a concept that helps us to support and update our websites by a coherent cooperation by many of visitors. For preparation of such sites we have to provide some utilities embedded in our site, that visitors can use these to provide some services for others.

And then it’s not necessary to update the databases by so limited sources and moreover we can support our site dynamically suitable for the needs of people.

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For example, look to You can find the answer of almost any question about anything. It could be surprising for you that which group may have such extensive knowledge. But you should know that, thousands of people are updating the information of Wikipedia daily. If you search something that it’s not inputted in Wikipedia’s database, the site provides some utilities, and then if you have some information about that thing, you can use the utilities to write it for the others.

And even if something is already entered, and you could find some wrongs on it, you can correct that.

Another example of swarm intelligence is eBay is a website for doing trades from a few to thousands of dollars. Trade for anyone is allowed. For example if you have a TV set that you want to sell it, you can easily do it on eBay. And if somebody wanted to buy that, he or she will call with you.

In fact, the site masters are updating their site second by second, by the least effort. And interesting is that eBay is updating suitable for the needs of people.

It seems that today we have new methods to provide more effective websites and provide more effective services. And of course we should not forget that, basic static sites were a base to achieve here.