The Unbelievable Truth by Gordon Smith

There have been many books written by psychics but this has got to be one of the more credible. Gordon Smith has been hailed as Britain’s most accurate medium. I saw him at a theatre in Birmingham and clearly the audience were astonished at the detailed factual information he gave that was confirmed by the individuals he was talking to.

Of course our western culture tends to be sceptical about anything that is not rationally understood and claims such as those by Smith are highly contentious within the world of science. Having said that many people nevertheless embrace paranormal beliefs. Gallup has conducted several polls and found that about three-quarters of the American population believe in the one or more paranormal processes.

The author comments on how amazing it is to watch the reaction on someone’s face when a certain piece of evidence comes through from the other side. It can put a light back on in a person’s life. One example is when he was talking with a woman in her mid-forties who had arranged a half-hour sitting with him. He heard the voice of a young man by his left ear saying ‘Mum I’m here’. Smith passed on his name, how he died and many features of his life. All seemed to be going well until the woman asked about a special code she had arranged with her son before he died. Her face fell when nothing came back.

Smith often looks at a private sitting as the spirit person getting a chance to make a phone call. If we imagine what we would say to our family in what might be a one-off call, it would probably not be a very measured and concise conversation. For me his sitter exemplifies the sceptical attitude of many. Despite all the evidence that it was her son who was present, she still disbelieved. However, finally as she stood up to depart, he heard her son suddenly call out the word ‘clover’.

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“At this she stared at me, shocked. Tears began to run down her cheeks.”

This was the code that they had agreed upon.

I approached this book aware of Emanuel Swedenborg’s warnings about the dangers of open communication with spirits. In books about the history of modern spiritualism considerable space has been given to Swedenborg because of his voluminous writings detailing his extraordinary experiences of spirits including evil spirits who wish to cause harm.

This links in with the attitude of Christians who have traditionally been wary of contacting spirits. And so I asked myself ‘Why has Smith not come a cropper through contact with malicious spirits? How advisable is it to have any truck with psychics such as those who apparently believe what the spirits are saying?’

I have come to think that genuine mediums such as Smith who are seeking to bring comfort to the bereaved and hope in a future reunion are protected by a divine force. If you open yourself to the psychic realm in the right spirit of care and concern for others then you’ll get the right spirit coming to you. Smith points out that mediums do not call up the dead. “On the contrary, the spirit people attract the attention of the particular medium they feel attuned to in order to contact their loved one.”