Owning a Google Account

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. It has a brilliant and easy Ajax based user experience. It has dozens of features which can be used along with the basic email sending and receiving for example it has simple webmail, pop and IMAP email, it has a very simple and easy email management using stars, labels and archiving, it has a lot of themes which provide a customized inbox for each user. It also has a bunch of lab features for good user experience, management and look and feel of the email. One of the latest features provided by Gmail is its priority inbox by which you can manage you emails according to priority.

Initially when Gmail was launched it was only available through invitation. But in 2007 it was opened for general public and since then anyone who want to get a Gmail account can sign up for a new account instantly.

Following are the steps to sign up for a Gmail account.

1- Visit the site “Gmail.com”
2- Click “Create an account” button on Gmail login page.
3- Enter the information in sign up form and image verification.
4- Click “I accept. Create my account” button.
5- There you go; you will get a couple of email in your Gmail inbox from Gmail team to get you started. An email will be sent to you “Recovery Email” about your new Gmail ID if you have specified one.

One of my most favorite thing about Google account is that you have the same account for all the Google products like Gmail, iGoogle, Webmaster Tools, Orkut, Calendar, Documents, Blogger, YouTube, Wave, Maps, Picasa and many more. However each and every product’s preferences can be customized and set independently irrespective of other Gmail products.

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Account features include:

1- An intelligent spam filter, which mean less spam in your email inbox.
2- Mobile access to your Gmail account.
3- A massive storage for your account. This means you don’t have to delete anything from you inbox.
4- Last but not least, Google’s “Call Phones” feature. In 2008 voice conversation was introduced in Gmail right from the inbox without signing in to an instant messenger whom a great feature but what Google has just launched is even bigger milestone achieved. It is a paid service for Non-US and Non-Canadian countries however the charges a very nominal. You have to buy credits in order to be able to call. This service is totally free for users who want to make calls to telephones in USA or Canada.

I have been using Gmail and Google services for past five years now and I have always felt that I am always a step ahead of the people who are not using Google Account and Google Services.