How to Save Money on Winter Wear Expenses

The extra expenses of gearing up for the winter can be a financial burden. Yet those who venture out into the cold without a head covering will reap the sad results. While head heat loss is found by science to be proportional to the heat loss by the rest of your body (logically, isn’t it?), we generally walk around with our head far more exposed than the rest of our bodies. Keeping your head covered is part of staying warm and staying healthy.

How can you balance your budget and keep your head warm? Sew your own beret!

Berets are classic head coverings that really never go out of style. Once you are sewing your own berets, you can make one for every different outfit. You can make a beret to match your different coats. You could even sew a berets for every mood. They soojin style are very inexpensive and easy to make, so you’ll be saving both time and money.

Sewing a beret is as simple as cutting out three pieces of fabric and following a set of directions. You will then sew the crown pieces together, and then sew the brim piece to that. There are basic patterns available online, and even a free video tutorial. If you are a beginner at sewing, try the fleece beret first, since it is much easier to sew with fleece.

Fleece berets need no seam finishing, and it’s easy to ease the crown to the brim without getting the fabric too bunched up. Fleece is also a perfect winter wear material since it is warm yet needs no ironing or dry cleaning.

Choose winter colors to go with your winter coat, or choose bright sunny colors to brighten your look. When you make your own beret, it’s easy for you to suit yourself exactly where it comes to the colors you like.

No longer do you need to feel the pain of winter hat expenses. You can sew your own beret from even fabric remnants or old fleece blankets for basically a no-cost investment. Perhaps this is part of why the beret never goes out of fashion.

This author has written a more in depth article on how to sew a fleece beret in less than an hour, but the steps can be summed as:

  1. Cut out the pieces: two crown pieces, and one brim piece.
  2. Sew the crown pieces together, right sides to right sides.
  3. Sew the brim ends together.
  4. Sew the brim to the crown, right sides to right sides.