Cisco Certification: Taking Your First Certification Exam


You have studied hard; you have practiced your configurations; you have used your flash cards over and over again; and ultimately, the big day is here. Your first certification exam!

For most Cisco certification applicants, their very first examination is your CCNA Composite examination or one of those 2 exams that constitute the CCNA, the Introduction To Networking examination or the ICND (Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices) examination. More Info

Walking to a testing centre for the very first time may be a nerve-wracking encounter. You’ve got keeping that info that was fresh straight.

You are not planning to take the examination. You are there to pass the examination. With this competitive attitude in your mind, let us take a peek at everything you must expect (and not expect) after choosing your first Cisco certification examination.

Be Historical and Bring Your ID.

When the testing center isn’t in a part of town which you drive into in the early hours, and you have got a 9 AM test, you might get that the traffic is a lot heavier the time of the morning than you predicted. Driving 10 minutes to the testing centre is not a fantastic way. Check their site for instructions if you have been to the centre before, or call them. If at all possible, push the evening.

Make certain to bring your wallet or handbag. You can’t take the exam. You will most likely be asked.

The Screening Room

Despite the very best attempts of VUE and Prometric, a few testing centre rooms are afterthoughts. I urge that if you are taking your examination ask to observe the testing area prior to signing up for the examination. It is, if it looks like a broom cupboard. These rooms are usually right alongside classrooms, which could lead to distracting sound.

If your testing centre specializes in providing computer-based exams instead of courses, you are probably in great shape. Feel free to drop prior to your examination to have a peek from the testing centre. Most examining rooms have a window which workers use to keep a watch out for testers, also you need to have the ability to have a glimpse through the window.

After you enter, you will be asked to input your social security number as your own testing ID. The test engine begins operating When you do so. This does not indicate the test begins.