Buying A Gas Moped Scooter Saves Lots Of Money On Gas

With the price of oil leaping up again by another $5 a barrel and road users seeing another hike reflected at the gas pump prices, perhaps right now is the right time to start thinking ahead and planning for the future, more methods of how you could save money.

What is the point of driving that huge gas guzzling car that right now is just burning a hole in your pocket, your cherished finances and your bank account? Think about it! It’s summertime, time to take to the road AND save money doing so. Invest today in a gas powered moped or scooter and come summers end and the fall, you will be so surprised at just how much money you have saved. These days gas powered mopeds and scooters do extraordinary miles per gallon! Not just that, but if you live in a heavily congested area, they can even save you precious time too for getting to work through heavy traffic. You know it makes sense. You save money and time!

You have a great choice of models these days to choose from and you can buy easily enough either brand new or a used moped or scooter. If you want style, you can have that, if you want retro good looks, you can have that too, for example look at the Vespas or the Lambretta mopeds and scooters. If you want something more modern with room for your shopping, have a look at the Honda mopeds and scooters.


If you haven’t taken to the road in a long time on a scooter or moped we certainly recommend you at least do some training first through a specialized school. This will help you to prepare well for the road ahead and ensure hopefully your safety not just for you, but other road users as well and pedestrians as well.

Really think about it, look at your current transport, work out with a pen and paper how much you are spending on gas right now and how far this gets you and then do the same for the the gas powered moped or scooter, I guarantee you will be astonished at the huge savings you will make when you look back later in the year. If not for yourself, think about buying one or more for other members of your family or friends. Or, if you own a company, think about buying a few for your employees, not only will the company save vast amounts of gas and therefore money for all those short trips, but too you will be helping the environment.