Bible Memory Verses – Make Them Effective and Fun

I will be honest with you. I was not a big fan of Bible memory verses when I first began to create and teach children’s church lessons. I resisted adding memory verse activities into lessons I created. Don’t misunderstand me, Bible memorization is absolutely important for kids. My only stipulation is that kids need to have fun while they learn the Bible verses!

Don’t Be Boring

If you have read any of my articles or website content you know where I stand on ministry to kids. Please don’t bore them! It’s a crime to be boring when you present God’s word in a children’s church lesson, Kids Bible story or Bible memory verse activity. God is anything but boring yet our methods can be at times.

I resisted adding Bible memory verses to my curriculum because as a kid the memory verse activity was totally boring to me. We read the verse over and over which was written on the chalkboard. We had to sit still in our chairs while we did this. Oh yeah, now that is a ton of fun! I refused to put kids through this kind of torture with my children’s church lessons! Bible memory verse activities must be effective and fun! Here are some ideas for you to try. These are simple to set up and lots of fun for the kids.

Dig For God’s Word

Kids love to dig and hunt for things in sand, packing noodles, dry beans, or anything like that. Make strips of paper and write the words of your Bible memory verse on them. Add some words that are not in the Bible verse for a fun challenge. Bury the strips in the sand. Kids take turns digging for the words and forming the verse. Double or triple the supplies and make more teams.

Bible Verse Towers

Write this down… kids love to build with blocks! Yes, even my 5th and 6th graders like to build with blocks. Trust me on this one. Use something they already think is fun and adapt it to a Bible memory verse activity. In small letters, write each word on a small strip of paper. Tape each word strip of the Bible verse to the side of a block. Mix up the blocks and have the kids build a tower in order from the bottom. Try these variations:


* Time teams or individuals to see who can correctly build their tower first.

* Mix several sets of blocks in one pile and individuals or teams must find each word to build their tower.

* Mix in incorrect words and blocks without words on them for a challenge.

* Hide blocks around the room for younger ones to search for.

Try these activities as an icebreaker introduction game during the sign in period before the actual children’s church lesson begins. Set up several stations for kids to participate in as they enter the classroom. These are just a few ideas to place Bible memory verses deep into the kid’s hearts. As always, be creative and come up with your own activities. Remember, presenting God’s word to our kids should never be boring!