Celia Pavey and owl
Twilight the Owl takes flight from the guitar of Celia Pavey

Tijuana Cartel In Los Angeles

Factory the project

House of Hope

The Velo Project
WARNING: This blurb contains digital 
imaging geek speak. Not suitable for 
kids, furry animals and photographic 
purists who believe that using any 
photoshop pollutes the photographic 
integrity of an image and should not
therefore, be called "photography"

Light bulb HDR
HDR Photography combined with careful layering and blending allows me to quite literally play GOD and tweak the lighting of a shot to Design perfection. These are the first in a series of portraits commissioned to highlight the personalities of the best cafe on Earth!

Velo claire delune

rembrandt lighting

A toast to Serendipity
Sometimes simple errors can lead to magic

Don't smile!
This shot was a result of telling the
model at the beginning of the shoot
that I wanted an "expressionless" face and then explicitly saying "try not to smile"...the result...a classic, "restrained mirth" expression! Did I mean for this to happen? Uhm yeah...sure I did. 

Balloon dress fashion photo
The very next frame captured the model "trying not to smile" at the same time the pink gel on the background light fell off...creating a funny moment on a grey background... a wonderfully subtle antithesis!


Simple Things
 Sometimes the greatest works are done by friends together...at home.
This is for the 2014/2015 International Floral Art Book Publication.

TSG Web re-brand
Pictures Speak...
Every now and again I get given the dream brief for a creative, commercial photographer - when the client comes to me, hat in hand, eyes full of hope and a question mark blinking above their head and they say -

"Hing. We need concepts!"

The client not only wanted bespoke imagery but gave me full autonomy with how to visually communicate their range of technological services. Moreover, they were not afraid to take a well measured step away from the clumsy banality of corporate stock imagery toward more quirky and interesting imagery. I chose to create images thick with human expression, humour and irony.




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